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    富怡達牌系列純水機采用當今最先進的除鹽技術—反滲透(RO)法和EDI制水技術代替傳統的以消耗大量酸堿為代價的離子交換法,從而實現了無需酸堿使用的綠水環保制水要求。廣泛應用于食品、飲料、電鍍、五金、印染、化工、電子、光學光學等行業。 該系列純水機能夠有效地卻除水中98%以上的溶解性鹽和其它幾乎所有親質,整機采用PLC控制,自動化程度高,具有占地面積小,自動化程度高,運行和維護成本低,出水水質穩定,安全且環保。同時可選配超過濾系統代替傳統的石英沙過濾,不但可提高系統的預處理效果,而且可有極大的延長RO膜和EDI處理器的使用期限。

    SZFEAT pure water machine applies the most advanced desalting technique RO and EDI to replace traditional ion exchange method which costs large quantity of acid and base, and to meet the demand of green environment protection of generating water without using any acid or base. The machine is widely used in food, beverage, plating, hardwares, printing, chemical, electronic and optical industry.This series of pure water machine can effectively get rid of more than 98% solubility salt and almost all the pro quality in the water. The complete appliance is controlled by PLC and highly automated. It occupies small area, has low cost of operation and maintainance, generates stable water, and also is safe and environment-friendly. It uses ultra filtration system to replace the traditional quartz sand filtration so that it can improve the pre-treatment effect of the system and also greatly extend the period of validity of the RO and EDI mambrane.
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