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      The “Szfeat” FWA series reciprocating type spin spray cleaning machine is mainly used on big size metal parts, especially de-oiling, chip removing and cleaning of iron casting after machining. It uses high pressure water pump to spray the detergent onto the surface; it cleans the parts by separating the oil, chip from the surface of the parts.  The spray nozzle doesn’t move in the process of cleaning, the platform holding the parts turns in order to cleaning the parts thoroughly.  In the cleaning process, the operator only needs to pull and put the parts on the cleaning pallet; press the start button, it automatically sends the parts to the working chamber to be spray cleaned, spray rinsed (rust prevention), drainage and sent back to the outside of the working chamber. It is widely used on the cleaning of big size parts such as compressor frame, elevator wheel, big size bearing and engine cylinder.
      • 設備特點

      • 基本參數
        • 托盤旋轉速度變頻可調,確保產品噴淋全面,無盲區。
        • 動力式進出料,滾輪式結構,產品進出平穩。
        • 環形式密布噴淋嘴,清洗徹底,效果保證。
        • 清洗、漂洗(防銹)采用兩套獨立管道及泵浦,杜絕藥液混竄。
        • 不銹鋼焊接工作室,氣動密閉門,永不漏水。
        • 大型旋轉托盤,可容納不同規格工件,清洗量大,速度快。
        • 雙層保溫,節能式設計,有效降低能耗,節約成本。
        • 環保型水基清洗液,廢液可直接排放。
        • The turning speed of the pallet can be adjusted to make sure the product is sprayed totally.
        • Powered input and output material, drum type structure, stable for the input and output of the products.
        • Ring close-set spray nozzle, thorough cleaning, clean effectively.
        • Cleaning, rinse (rust prevention) use two sets of independent pipe and pump, no mix of liquor.
        • Stainless steel welding working chamber, gas dynamic seal door, no water leak.
        • Double insulation, power-saving designing,reduce energy consumption effectively and save the cost.
        • Environment protection water-based detergent, used detergent can be discharged directly.
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